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Jeg har skrevet de har digte, som en slags terapi...

"Never happy!"

The snow is falling - I used to love the holidays, now I just wishes they would all be over.

I once loved the Christmas, I believed in happiness - Now I just want the Christmas over with.

I once loved sitting around family and friends. Now I just want to be alone.

Nobody understands the feelings I have, and nobody really cares about how I feel.

Yeah, I got friends, but do they really like that much? I don’t think so!

Now the holidays are over, and I’m still not happy.

The Christmas I finally over, and I’m still not happy.

I’m all alone, and still not happy.

I guess I’m just not meant to be happy…

"How come?, I don’t know!"

how come; no mater what I do - it’s never enough?
I don’t know; But, I’ll keep doing my best - and I wont care what others think about me.

How come; I keep hurting my loved ones - even though I try not too?
I don’t know; But, the ones I love, I will always love - no mater how much I hurt them.

How come; the ones I like - never even looks at me?
I don’t know; But, I’ll keep liking them - even if they never look at me

How come; I always seems too get the blame - even though I’m not the one too blame?
I don’t know; but, I don’t care, someone always has to get the blame - why not just me? Then at least everyone ells can be happy..


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